Chew on This

Opening Inspirational Passage:

“If you make my word your home, you will indeed be my disciples. You will know the truth and the truth will set you free!” (Jn. 8)

Son Day for Sunday Message:

Jesus took a few of friends hiking up a mountain to be alone.

Suddenly, Jesus’ appearance was dramatically altered. Intense light, as bright as the sun poured from his face and his clothes lit up like a Christmas tree.

To top it off, Moses and Elijah popped in for a visit with Jesus. FYI: Moses and Elijah hang out together in heaven.

While the three were standing together, Peter blurts out to Jesus, “If you want, I’ll construct three shrines; one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah”, but the Father had other plans.

While Peter was chatting away, “a radiant cloud composed of light spread over them, enveloping them all. God’s voice burst forth from the cloud, saying, ‘This is my dearly loved Son, the constant focus of my delight. Listen to him!’”

Why does the Father want us to listen to Jesus?

Jesus gives us a hint…

“The truths I speak; I’ve seen and received in my Father’s presence.” (Jn. 8)

Kindred Soul:

What have I always shared with you?

“In His Presence is Power and there is Power in His Presence.”*

Just as Jesus is the constant focus of the Father’s delight, we, too, are special. He is waiting for us to be present in His Presence.


“Taste and see the goodness of the Lord.”

Open you heart. Meditate (Chew) on the Word of God day and night. Make it your home; wear it like a loose garment and more will be revealed!

Closing Inspirational Passage:

“He is always thinking about you, and watching everything that concerns you” (1Pet.

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*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life

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