Beyond the Storm

Are you struggling with trauma? You are not alone…

“The world is awakening to that marvelous truth: Christ is not only in the heavens and in the atmosphere outside; but Christ is in heaven and in the atmosphere outside, and Christ is in you.” (John G. Lake)

The One Who Leads!

“Look up at the sky! Who created the stars you see? The one who leads, knows how many there are; calling each one by name! His power is so great— …

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Light Relief

“They cried out to the Lord in their trouble. Restore us and cause your face to shine upon us. He delivered them out of their distress.”

Gracious God

“Dear God, I am needy and afflicted. Incline your ear to me; answer my cry. Preserve my soul and be gracious to me!”

God Preserves

“Preserve me O God, for I take refuge in you. You are my God; I have no good besides you. You are my inheritance, my cup. You support me and …

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Save Us

“Dear God, Save us from ourselves. We cannot make it here without you!”