A Bold Beginning

 “You know there are resistances within us. Give us the boldness to leap over these walls; to dare to renew again and again, the gift of our life.”

A Glance from On-High

If my spiritual foundation is shaken what shall I do… “In Adonai, I have taken shelter and my soul flies high to His mountain. God’s home is in heaven. His …

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A Calm Being

 “Do not falter in the face of hardships. Live in the world, regardless of chaos and be calm. The Lord will give strength to his children and bless them with …

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Heart’s of Courage

To All Faint Hearts… “Have Courage and Be Not Afraid!” Be brave and steadfast, have no fear of another. Yahweh is the one who marches with you. He will never …

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Courage & Hope

“We face our adversities with courage and hope. God does not abandon us in our hour of need.”

God of Courage

“Fear nothing; have courage for I bring you relief. I AM your refuge and your fortress.”