A Lions Roar

“I sought the Lord; he heard me and delivered me from all my fears.” (Ps. 34)

A Lion’s roar is loud. He draws his strength from one’s fear. The growl can cause your heart to skip a beat, “My soul lies down among the lions; they dug a pit in my path.” (Ps. 56) Fearful thoughts are a reaction and not an action. How does one respond to such a threat?

When Irma blew through, she brought with her a powerful wind and rain that battered the side of my house and my being. I felt as though I was in the lion’s den, like Daniel was; the wind was howling. It was time to go to battle.

I grabbed the most powerful weapon in my arsenal, the 91st Psalm. I prayed this passage without ceasing; over my home and my family who were all in different locations, “Even when troubles overwhelm you, praise and bless the Lord.”

After the wind and rain died down, a new day arose. We walked the yard picking up debris. I saw what the power of nature could do.

The force of the wind caused the leaves of my Lemon Grass plants to point as if they were praying on their knees, bowing to the earth. With all of this in my view, I was impressed to find the plants remained rooted to their foundation; intact, just as I was.

I take it on faith that God will breathe new life into everything. Sometimes, we have to stand still and see the power of God at work in the “little” details, “They looked unto him and were lightened.”

Choose to step softly and quietly, prepare carefully; know this too shall pass.

“In the shadow of your wings, I take refuge until the storms of destruction pass by.” (Ps. 56)

Rev Pattys Podcast #4

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