A Light on the Path

“People who are in darkness cannot bear the light, but the Light can bear them!”

“Let us awaken from our repose during this in-between time while the world inside and outside is still quiet.

God encourages us to not give up, “I have seen your heart’s needs before you cried upon me. I am already preparing your answer.”

We are to remain fully alert in gift of the present, so we don’t miss a miracle.”*

God’s message: “Every leaf, every rock, every turn, it’s all for you. The thoughts of the past have no place in the present. Don’t block your view of me or your experience of me in the Spirit, by dwelling in the past or trying to see too far down the road into the future. The present is a gift, accept it.”

“I’ll help the blind walk, even on a road they do not know. I’ll guide them in directions they do not know. I’ll turn dark places into light in front of them, and the rough places into level ground; these are the things I will do.  I won’t abandon them!” (Is. 42:16)


*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pgs. 75-76 by Patricia A. Zorn

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