Son of the Living Light

Darkness cannot dwell where the Son of the Living Light shines forth… “Wherever my followers go, My Light surrounds them; reflecting the consciousness of my precious presence.”

Measured in the Light

“In the Light, everything is measured in the comfort of the Risen Christ; a safe place to be.”

Leading Light 2

“My manna is sufficient to sustain you as you are being led out of darkness and into the Ahova Light.”

A Shining Light

“We are called to be a ‘Shining Light’ in dark places, not limited by the actions or reactions of those around us. As Joseph said, You  meant it for evil …

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In Flight

“Wherever you roam you will be “In Flight”, in the Light!”

Ahova Light

“The Ahova Light is the miracle of the Risen Christ powered by the Holy Shekinah Spirit!”