What is the “Light of Love?”

The “Light of Love” is what connects you to your own awareness of God through prayer.

It is through your connection in prayer, one imagines a soft golden light, (the pure Light of Christ) surrounding and encompassing the whole body. This is followed by another layer of soft pink (the Love of Christ).

Send the “Light of Love” to every member of your family, every part of your abode, and most important, send this “Light of Love” to the entire globe.

When you hear about an earth change or disaster, send the “Light of Love” daily to this area.

As the earth changes increase, and they will, so will the need for intensive prayer for this planet that you call home.

As the power of prayer increases among individuals and groups, so will the spiritual awareness of God come to Light for all to see.

Spiritual awareness will happen in pockets in small places.

Humanity is looking for the next big thing.

Your culture is obsessed in looking for the next big star or big story.

Man looks outside of her/him instead of finding the God within.

The ‘God’ shift will happen in small ways and small spaces this is where the greatest healing will come about.

The incident in the Gulf of Mexico with the oil spill is only the beginning.

This disaster or shift is visible and something you can see off the shores of your nation.

Of course, man has a way of desensitizing life and once the cleanup is under way the conscious will shift to something else.

It is important that you continue to pray for this body of water and its healing.

Mother Nature, the earth mother will find a way to clean this area.

The rumblings are happening and the earth is waking up.

Now it is time for humanity to wake up.

Keep on praying!

Thanks for Your Kind Words, Be Blessed!

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