The Promises of Lent – A Time of Prayer & Healing: Week 4

Week 4
Where is your spiritual foundation? Is your house built on shifting sand or strong stone?

Fourth Promise:
The word ‘church’ means people. You are a part of God’s inner circle. The seeker who desires to build her/his relationship in Christ will have a firm foundation to work with. If a storm comes into one’s life, your spiritual home will remain intact, like a rock.

Dear Lord,
Help me to remember, when I am in your precious presence; my foundation is in the Light and nothing can rock my world. Thank You!

The storms of life will come on shore. When the wind dies down, it gives one the ability to pick up the pieces by tightening up loose screws, fixing any cracks and clearing away all debris that has fallen on your foundation. As you sweep the sand and leaves away, take great solace in the fact, your spiritual house is a safe place for you to continue the work you were sent here to do.

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