The Promises of Lent – A Time of Prayer & Healing: Week 1

Each week, during Lent, I will post the weekly promise taken from my latest e-book, “The Promises of Lent, A Time of Prayer & Healing” to this blog. I will include a short message providing you with a more in depth understanding, and encouragement of each promise, as you travel your Lenten journey!

For those who follow this blog, please provide feedback via comments of your experiences with these promises.


Week 1

Do you want to be set free?
“Let us, Child, look at my journey to the Cross. In order to be set free and understand the nature of the malady that you suffer, you must walk with me hand-in-hand, as I travel with you to the Cross.”
First Promise:

“See me in the total experience and you will be set free.”


Dear Lord,
Please open my mind and spirit, so I can be in tune with you, and get set free. Thank You!

Each day, as you read this section and recite the prayer, be aware of God moving in your life and how you are being set free!

Thanks for Your Kind Words, Be Blessed!

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