The Incredible Likeness of Being in Christ

In the Image of God, He created them.”


What is the “Incredible Likeness of Being in Christ?”

First, we look at the facts: We are “made in the image of likeness of our creator.”

If you are a kindred soul, let’s move on to our next point: “Likeness.” What does it mean to be like God?

Likeness means similarity, resemblance, a picture or reflection. Likeness is birthed in the spiritual world and experienced in the natural world.

As Christians, our greatest example of “Likeness” is Jesus.

When Yeshua came to walk among us on this earth, people recognized him as “Immanuel” (God is with us).

“Likeness” opens the door to synchronicity with one who is in harmony with self and God. How does this apply to those of us who are trying to walk in the light today?

If one were a musician, the spiritual world would be one octave above where we stand right now.

If we put ourselves in the divine presence of God by faith in action; through prayer, we are supplied with the tools of discernment. We recognize the God within another, the Holy Shekinah Spirit who also resides within us.

 “Being” or “To Be” means that God has designed you with a special purpose or plan. Being has nothing to do with what someone else thinks you should be.

When we combine the concepts of likeness and being, it creates a space for the soul to embrace her/his divine connection with all that is of God.

Perhaps in a flash or vision, you take notice of one who works in the Light of Christ. Someone may be attracted to your Spirit; an inner soul-to-soul connection. You may have things in common such as spiritual background, personal journey or family experiences, etc. You find yourself drawn to the individual, and a connection is made. This is an opportunity of growth for both individuals.

When we recognize the “Incredible Likeness and Being of Christ in another, we can experience it within ourselves; and therefore we are truly made in God’s image and likeness.

“Rise, walk and be while sharing the most excellent part of your Spirit!”*


*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 77


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