Deep Compassion

Dear God: “In my distress, I called out to you . You heard me and set me free.” (Ps. 118) “We are filled with astonishment when we discover that God …

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Lean Into God

 “O My God, lean down and listen to me. Open your eyes and see our despair, (Dn. 9:8) “Dear God, I Iean into you for strength. You calm the seas …

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God Preserves

“Preserve me O God, for I take refuge in you. You are my God; I have no good besides you. You are my inheritance, my cup. You support me and …

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Bearer of Hope

“Fragile as we are like vessels of clay, why did God call us to be Bearers’ of God’s Hope? Radiance comes from God and not from us.” (Br. Roger) For …

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Measured in the Light

“In the Light, everything is measured in the comfort of the Risen Christ; a safe place to be.”

Shattered Glass

“God will always help us pick up the pieces of life; making sure we don’t cut our hands in the process.”