Son Day for Sunday – I Am Waiting for You!

“I am waiting for you to gather with me on this Resurrection Morn”

Do I have your attention?

It is only when you are broken that you really seek me. When your heart and your spirit have been shattered into pieces is when I have your complete attention; like “Humpty Dumpty” being put back together again.

Remember what I said: “This is my broken body that I am giving up for your healing; always do this in memory of me!”

Brokenness does not mean defeat. It is a sign you can be put back together with God doing the repairs, “I didn’t have to walk that path. I did it for you!”

As the sun rises, the stone door has been rolled away:

“My soul awaits for the Light of you, Awaken, Arise and Be.”

Yeshua steps out and greets the dawn of this new day and so do you.

Here’s a question for you to ponder:

“Are you ready to come forward and be with me? All that is past is gone.”

Empty yourself so I can fill you!

 “Let’s meet in the breaking of the bread.”

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