Son Day for Sunday- Christmas

Be bold in your giving and gracious in your receiving.

2000+ years ago, a baby was born in a cave located on a hillside. Wise men traveled many miles to seek him.

The Child of God sought so long ago; longs to be held in our hearts, once again.

Don’t wait or put it off for another day or time. Are you ready? Jesus knows and sees all.

One cannot make money, circumstances or difficulties a God. It would be insulting to do so. What will you let go of, to be one with him?

The majesty of what you seek waits quietly and patiently for you to open wide, the door. I challenge you now to come forward.

The God of Surprises is waiting for you. The Healer of Humanity beckons you to come closer.

Open up your heart to receive the new birth of Christ? The time is here.

The Light of the World wants to shine in your heart.

Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus!

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