Son Day for Sunday

Getting Set Free

“I am with you, forever.”

We are still on a mission moving towards Resurrection Day.

In the Gospel of St. John, Jesus is informed that Lazarus is ill, “the one you love is sick.”

Instead of going to Bethany immediately to remedy the situation, “he remained where he was staying for two more days.” Why the delay?

Jesus had a plan, “Abba, Thank You for having heard me; that they might believe that you sent me.

As he approaches the tomb, Jesus saw Mary and the others grieving; taking a moment to connect with those in attendance, “He wept.”

Jesus will meet us wherever we are in life, to set us free; whether in illness, grief, death, addiction, alcoholism, despair, etc.

We don’t know what Lazarus’ life was like before being placed in the tomb. Was his illness physical, emotional or spiritual or all three?

What we do know is when Lazarus walked out of the tomb, Jesus spoke these words, “Let him go free.”

Today, there is much suffering and chaos in this world; some self-inflicted and other situations or circumstances beyond one’s control.

What tomb are you stuck in? Do you want to get set free? Keep tuning in and stay the course; ask for help!

Our pace is going to quicken as we continue our journey with Jesus. See you in Jerusalem next Sunday!

“Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.” (Jn.8)

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