Son Day for Sunday

A Memory Detour!

“Get up. Do not be afraid.” (Mt. 17)

We are taking a short break today.

Adjust your travel pack. Make sure you have on the shoes of peace and the helmet of hope.

As Jesus makes his way to the Cross, he takes a memory detour recalling the transfiguration; “Even in excruciating pain, I recalled the steps of my ministry.” Why is this significant?

In order to continue on the road with Christ; a transformation of heart and Spirit is necessary, with the Light leading the way, “Have clear vision to see what’s ahead and conviction to continue on this journey, no matter what crosses your path.”

“God takes us beyond our own aspirations and ideas for our lives, and molds and shapes us for His purposes.” (Utmost)

“Our soul is waiting for God; our help and our shield.”

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