Seeking God’s Space

On Holy Ground

“Where We Walk is Holy!”

In today’s Son Day for Sunday message, we will be using Psalm 24, (a Psalm of David) as the back drop for this teaching.

Many times, we get hung up on words or passages found in scripture.

As I taught earlier this week with the Lord’s Prayer, we can expand upon a verse, make it our own without taking away from the original content.

The earth is the Lord’s and all that fills it—the world, and those dwelling on it.

For example, the word ‘Lord’ found in this psalm also means God. If we stretch it out, ‘Lord’ also means ‘Indwelling Christ.’ This allows one on the path to move from what’s in place to having a deeper, personal connection with God.

As Children of a Loving God, we have a place in this world.

 “Who shall stand upon the hill? Who stand in this holy place?”

We share the space spiritually and stand on the hill with God; a holy space, a place of being.

“This is the generation that seeks God’s face, Shelah!”

“We Seek You, Dear God!”

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