What is that to thee, follow me!” (John 21)

Jesus was perfectly at ease in the conscious presence of the one who loves us with an everlasting love.

To Jesus, God was an intimate and friendly presence with the needle on the compass pointing in the right direction, assuring that one will stay on course and not become lost.

As spiritual beings in the midst of the human experience, we have a tendency to gaze or stay in the past becoming spiritually lost, looking for answers in places we don’t belong; blocking the blessings of today. We are not good receivers of being in God’s presence. One has to realign her/his thinking to the truth that God is close by.

As you trust God to show you the way, be encouraged you’re on the right track. Release all doubt and concern. Invite the Shekinah Spirit of God to work through you.

You can never be denied God’s wisdom and love, because you can never be separated from the presence of God. “Closer than God is breathing; nearer than hands and feet.” (Tennyson)

In his presence is power.” (Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg.37)

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