Personal Healing & God’s Truth Revealed –The Kabode Door Part 2

Kabode Door

“Seek and You will Find. Knock and My Door will Open!”

This is Part 2 of “Personal Healing & God’s Truth Revealed – the Kabode Door.” If you need to catch up, take a moment to listen to the recent podcast, Kabode

Be Ye Encouraged:

You’ve knocked and the door is now open. This is the “Kabode Door” also known as the Glory Door.

God’s Promise:

“I will open the windows of heaven.” (Mal.)

Son Day for Sunday Message:

The Glory Door is a special space. You were told about this door as you saw the outline in your friend’s living room.

It is time for you to step through and into the Glory; the glistening of the holy, heaven world. This space is where you will get replenished and restored; so I can send you out in greatness and so much more.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” Here “I AM.” “Are you ready?”

Be Ye Inspired:

Get ready to pass through the Holy Door, the Glory Door!”

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