Out of Darkness into the Light – Spiritual Abuse

One of the most piercing marks of humanity that has come out and into the Light is spiritual abuse.
What is the origin of spiritual abuse?
Spiritual Abuse starts with one who has been placed in a position of authority, grasping a false sense of power and control; continuing to manipulate others, by emphatically lying about a situation or event that has come to the surface.
There is no room in any organization for the willful actions that have been inflicted upon all Children of God, regardless if one is a member of the clergy, part of a congregation or larger entity.
Abuse forces one to chip away or remove the divine layer of protection, given to us by God in our connection with him. As Paul wrote in Ephesians, “Be strong in Christ and put on the whole armor of God.”
Through the act of dishonesty, the shield of armor can be loosened or removed, when one attempts to falsely yield a sword into the heart of another, attempting to yank one back into line. This act creates a setting of deception and lack of faith.
If any maltreatment has happened on a physical level, as a result of spiritual/religious dominance, a dual loss has occurred.
The “Helmet of Salvation” that protects the mind has been knocked off and now one harbors anger and resentment against everyone, creating feelings of betrayal, and thereby moving God out of the equation, peeling back another line of divine defense.
With God eased out of the frame, the personal stage of life goes very dark.
As the mind rehashes over and over the repetition of the event, we are reminded of the image of the battered Christ, “Weaving a crown of thorns, they put it on his head.”
We know the thorns were driven into Jesus’ head. If we look at this scene found in scripture from a different view; this can also represent an interruption in the thought process, whereby one focuses on the negative instead of God.
Damage has been done. The pain remains and mental torment begins to wreak havoc. The event is repeated over and over in the mind like a major motion picture.
Deep trauma now takes up residence in one’s body, mind and spirit.
Is there a solution? Yes.
God will always give us the tools via working through others, chosen by God to assist us to bring his understanding front and center. This may time to come to fruition but healing does happen.
In the interim, through the power of prayer and forgiveness; we can “forgive those who trespass against us.”
In the act of forgiveness, I can forgive the individual and but not the blatant action of another. I can pray for that person that he/she find God’s truth in their own life.
I learned from a dear friend, years ago, to “Bless the being and the path he/she is on.” The good news is I don’t have to be on the same path or tune into the same channel as that person ever again.
In the midst of all the insanity in the world, the Light of Christ is shining brightly in dark places, to bring forth integrity and healing to those who have been kicked to the side of the road, encouraging one to stand up and walk tall in honor and freedom.
Right now, we are now witnessing the illusion of life breaking down for all those in positions of misdirected power and authority to be called to task.
Individuals who have hidden behind the curtain, protected by organizations, must give back the years that the locusts have stolen, by apologizing to all Children of God for their spiritual abuse, who once lingered in the shadow of darkness, and now walks in the Light of Christ.

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