On the Next Day

“I Light the Light of Love and I Place it in the East.”

In the early morning, after the Super Moon on 1-31-18, I received this vision:

As I stood in the East, the Lord was there to open the way with a large blank screen. As he began to raise the screen, I could see the sandy beach and the Light was everywhere.

Turning South, He raised the screen a bit more and I saw water.

In the West, the screen went higher. I saw waves that looked like bales of hay being harvested.

Facing North, the waves stopped in motion and the Light broke through.

I asked for an explanation and here is what was revealed to me:

“This is a vision of heaven and it also symbolizes the work one must do to move on. The Light always leads the way.

The sand is the foundation and while it is beautiful and warm, it shifts under your feet.

Make sure you have a foundation in me; the Christ, the Risen One who loves you and leads you along the journey.

The waves are a representation of all that is right now with humanity.

Soon people will begin to break free and when they do; they will be searching for a solution.

Now, we are going to take flight together; you and I. We are going to change the world. You are my emissary of Light & Hope. Are you ready?”

 “I Light the Light of Love and I Place it in the South.”

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