Looking for the King

Breaking Bread

For those who follow a seasonal calendar, today is known as the Feast Day of Christ the King. Are you looking for the King?

In our world, there is desperation. Humanity is looking for someone or something to believe in. Where do we go? Who do we trust?

Wherever Jesus went, “A great multitude followed him” and people believed Jesus could fix their problems. His reputation preceded him.

Let’s visit John, Chapter 6: Jesus asked Philip a really important question, “Where do we buy bread for so many people?” He was testing Philip. Jesus knew what he was going to do.

Next, Jesus gave these instructions, “Make everyone sit down. He took the loaves, gave thanks; distributed the bread” and the fish.

Let’s Go Deeper…

“Our spiritual strength begins to be drained when we stop lifting our eyes Him.” (Utmost)

Jesus wants us to have so much more.

“The lost I will seek out. The stray I will bring back. (Ezek. 34)

Our struggles today are not different from the Galileans. We all want something from Jesus especially when we are afraid.

“I will bind up the injured. The sick I will heal.”

We are ending a cycle here and next week we go into Advent.

But where are we really? Are you looking for the King?

“I will pasture my sheep.”

Son Day for Sunday Message:

“I have not left you nor forsaken you. I will be with you.

Call out to me. Ask me to come into your heart; be your everything.

Upon rising, I will be with you in the morning.

Don’t forget to talk to me when you lay your head down to go to sleep.

I have you in my sights and my arms around you.  Amen.”

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