Living a Life of Joyful Abundance

Exiting the Tomb

Christ Jesus, even if your resurrection kindles within us a flame that may be quite weak, it enables us to live in communion with you.” (BR)

What a time this has been for our world; many of us living have not seen such a time as we now find ourselves in.

What does this mean?

After enduring a time of darkness, the power of God rolled away the stone. Out of it sprung hope; the Risen Christ blazing in glorious Light. He emerged, leaving the tomb behind.

Now, its time to take the nails out of our own flesh and heal our hearts; rising as Jesus did.

Through the Power of Love, we realize you came to earth for us all!”

Take a look around, notice anything different? There are many doing great works out there; some quietly, not looking for accolades.

When I think about the Rising of the Christ; it is the promise of tomorrow with a new day and a new way.

Jesus died so we can live joyously free like flowers swaying in the wind, keeping time with the rhythm of creation.

Jesus said, “I came to bring not sorrow but abundance and joy; abundant joy, abundant life and abundant Love!

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