Lift Up Higher

“We know that God, who raised Yeshua Jesus to life; will also raise us up and take us, together, into his presence.” (2 Cor. 4)

Let us peek into the silence and bring ourselves into His line of sight, into His Presence.

Stretch out your hands to receive…

I Lift Up My Hands to You;

I Lift Up My Heart to You;

I Lift Up My Spirit to You!

“He who holds up his hands in prayer, dies not.” (H. Nouwein)

“Do you not see that the mystery of prayer is the mystery of the divine indwelling: God in heaven gives His Spirit in our hearts to be the divine power praying in us and drawing us upward to our God. God is a Spirit; and nothing but the same life and Spirit within us can hold communion with Him.” (A. Murray)

“Holy Spirit; Open My Mind, Illuminate My Heart.” (Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life)

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