Just Before the Dawn

Around the globe, many are celebrating Palm Sunday in the midst of adversity.

In this atmosphere we find ourselves in, Brother Roger said: “We go so far as to question Christ Jesus. What is going on within me? Why during these times do I grow wearing in persevering?”

This is how I felt when I awoke this morning before the sun came up and its okay.

I was looking for some spiritual direction and was urged to open the bible I had sitting on the night-stand. I found myself staring at this passage:

“I will refresh those who are weary and will satisfy with food everyone who is weak from hunger. So, then, people will say: I went to sleep and woke up refreshed.” (Jer. 31:25)

While praying and breaking bread with the Lord, I heard the sound of birds chattering and singing in my back yard; taking this as a sign of hope.

As Jesus rode into Jerusalem; those in attendance were waving palms as a welcome, “Blessed is He!” In between all the activity, Jesus was preparing them and reminding us, even in this moment; darkness comes just before the dawn.

God will see us through this crisis and perhaps make us better stewards of one another; recognizing the depth of humanity that resides within each and every one of us.

Regardless of where we are; the uncertainty, fatigue or heart-break, there is a promise where darkness may linger for a season, eventually joy will break through in the form of the Light of the Risen Christ.

May you and your families continue to be wrapped in God’s Love.

Remember, if you have a prayer request, leave a comment.

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