In You – In Me

“I AM in You and You are in Me!”

Don’t Forget…

Today, we are in hope together.

Holy Sky

The Lord will Bless You and Keep You…

When I go away from your physical presence, I have not left you. I will not abandon nor forsake you.

The Lord will make His face to shine upon you…

When the Holy Comforter comes, you will know that I AM; truly in and with you, for all eternity, “He will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have told you.” (Jn. 14)

I will send another and He will be with you – always.

“I am always with you.”

He will establish you in His Perfect Peace…

Together: We are as one; I in You & You in Me!

“Let Us Be One Together- Forever, Amen!”

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