I Stand at the Door and Knock!

Do I wait, do I wonder, do I ponder?

Are you going to answer the door?

Next week a very special journey will begin, Lent. L=Let’s E=Embrace N=New T=Tools

Each week during Lent, I will introduce a new tool.

Here is a special prayer of preparation:

Standing in the precious presence, we send our prayers to you God.
Anoint our hands. Anoint our heads. Anoint our souls. Anoint our Spirit. Let us be one with you and carry forth the most excellent part of you in us.
We are yours and you are ours. Send us forth in unity and love. “Spirit of the Living God, pour yourself on us.” (2 Co. 3:3)

“If you hear my voice, open the door!” (Rev. 3:20)

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