I AM in the Silence

In the GardenGethsemane

“Listen for my Voice. ‘I AM’ in the Silence, in the Wind.” (PAZ)

Dear Ones,

Welcome to our ‘Son Day for Sunday’ message.

As always we are on a very special journey with Jesus.

He is calling:

“Listen for my Voice. I am calling you!”

From where do you come and where are you going?

Let’s begin:

Following along a pea stone path, we come upon a bend in the road; making a decision to turn left or right awaits us. Yet, off in the distance is the sound of a small, familiar voice; calling us, beckoning us to come closer.

We turn in the direction of the voice, discovering all is not lost, even if we are; in the moment.

We see Jesus, just outside a thicket of Olive Trees, waving us on to come closer, “Hearts that are open, with ears to hear, listen to me!”

There is a sense of purpose and peace, “If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your heart.”

“I must lead them and they will know my voice.” (Jn. 10)


Thanks for Your Kind Words, Be Blessed!

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