Held by the Grip of God

“There must be the agonizing grip of God’s hand on you— your life is in the grip of God for that very purpose.”

When I first read, “Held by the Grip of God” in “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers, it really struck a chord with me,

Most of us who work in ministry or do other types of service work are called by God.  “We are not here to work for God because we have chosen to do so, but because God has “laid hold of” us.

Many people step into ministry thinking they are “Called by God” and they soon find out the truth; they are not called at all.

There are days we need to hold on tight because we can’t believe what we are witnessing from another.  My faith can wobble when I step into places that take me out of my comfort zone.

I have to remember, once God has a hold of me, I must cast out the idea, “Well, I’m really not suited for this.”

I have a choice. Even if I have a bad day or my thoughts run asunder, I can stick out my hand and not let go because I am “Held by the Grip of God.”

I have a small shelf of books next to my desk. When I have an off day, I pull one off the shelf, close my eyes and pick a page; it is what I need for that moment in time.

 “Please pray for me. There is such terrible darkness within me as if everything was dead. Ask our Lord to give me courage.” (Mother Teresa, Come Be My Light)

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