Healing with God!

“With God All Things Are Possible.” (MT 19: 23-20)

 “In my world, everything is possible.”

When it comes to healing, the question is: “Do you want to be healed, made whole?” To be healed is to be made whole.

The journey of physical transformation begins on the inside, “God does not heal in halves. What he does, he does completely.”*

The Shekinah Spirit chimes in anointing us within; blessing us with strength, relief and gladness, for endurance in the healing process.

We get rebuilt with the same structure around us.

Affirm to yourself, “With God everything is possible; I believe it. I receive it and I have it!”

“Thank you for my healing, bringing in the Light.” *


*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pgs. 67 & 72

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