Going Deep – A New Beginning

“Remember, I will be with you and protect you wherever you go.” (Gen. 28)

Dear Ones,

This is such an auspicious time on the planet. We are globally connected and in a state of transition, due to Covid-19.

Never has there been a time or season, as we have right now, when “Going Deep” really matters.

Humanity is moving away from God into despair. There is a spiritual deficit; a deep repair is needed within our hearts and our world.

Covid-19 has offered us two choices: The 1st is to pause; take a breath and make time to care for self and others. 2nd; go deep into a pocket of prayer. Discover more about you; your relationship with God and others.

We are presented with an opportunity to examine our current circumstances and then given two options: Go deeper, explore; and release what is not needed or causing a bump in the road, or do nothing.

The beauty of our relationship with our awesome creator is we can, at any moment, turn right or left.

One of the tools I have found useful when stuck spiritually is meditating on God’s Word. This gives me an opportunity to contemplate where I’m at; while identifying cracks in my spiritual armor, through the experience of another.

Let’s turn to Old Testament for today’s lesson:

Just prior to being set free in Egypt, God’s people were murmuring, whining and complaining. Many of them felt God was not moving fast enough or in the right way. So, they closed their minds and hearts to God focusing on the negative.

“If Today You Hear God’s Voice, Harden not Your Heart!”

However, there were others who made a choice to hang in there and see the journey all the way through. What happened?

These brave individuals were released from the bondage of Egypt. In front of them was the Promised Land, a new beginning. They could see the lush landscape off in the distance.

 God followed through with His promise…

 “I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done all that I have promised you.” (Gen. 28)

When Going Deep; the ultimate goal here is to move forward, with a new beginning on the horizon.

Son Day for Sunday Contemplation:

“Do you believe God has a plan and purpose for your life and are you willing to go deep to repair the cracks within?”

Change will not happen overnight, but a sense of hope arises to the surface.

 Tell yourself: “I can face another day!”

 “I have not forsaken you. I have set you apart. I am giving you this rich and fertile land.” (Lev. 20)

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