God’s Wrap-Around Presence

Psalms of Hope:

“God, your wrap-around presence is my protection and my defense. You bring victory to all who reach out for you.”(Ps. 7:10)

Connect with the Inner Ticker of Life!

We all want to feel as though we stand in the precious presence of God; especially when life is a bit difficult or we are distracted from our spiritual connection.

Those who walked with Christ before and after the resurrection had the privilege to bask in his presence. The good news is we can still be in His Presence.

Today, “the power of the Holy Spirit moves us into Christ’s presence. It’s not the power that comes from a light switch being turned on. It is a super natural power that comes from on-high to ‘awaken’ our Spirit and become all that God wants us to be, and more.”*

Prophetic Message:

Allow God’s Presence to Wrap-Around you as you enter the silence.

The Presence of Christ Holds Us…

The Light of Jesus Christ surrounds you; holding you as if you were a small child.

The Presence of Christ Protects us…

You are not alone. Feel the loving presence of His most Holy Spirit.

The Presence of Christ Encourages us…

Begin a spiritual dialogue with Jesus; you are in his presence. If your mind wanders bring yourself back to him. Keep trying; practice makes perfect.

Kindred Soul:

Have you forgotten how to bask in his presence?

Reflect & Be!

“Rest in Him. Express an intention and you will find Him wherever you have to be; at home, at work or in a street filled with the noise of traffic.” (Br. Roger)

Closing Inspirational Passage:

“But let them all be glad, those who turn aside to hide themselves in you. May they keep shouting for joy forever! Overshadow them in your presence as they sing and rejoice. Then every lover of your name will burst forth with endless joy.” (Ps. 5:11)

* Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life pg. 38 & 39

Thanks for Your Kind Words, Be Blessed!

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