God’s Wheel – Passing Through

“Passing thru, passing thru,

Sometimes happy, sometimes blue

So glad that I ran into you,

Tell the people that we’re only passing thru.”*

We are one week past Resurrection Sunday and much has transpired. We transition into a new season, whether we are ready or not.

The Spiritual Calendar is like a wheel that’s always changing.

Jesus flowed with God’s wheel; passing through here and there, staying long enough and then moving on, “As the Father has sent me so I send you.”

“I saw Jesus on the cross, on a hill called Calvary

Don’t hate mankind for what they’ve done to you?

He said talk of love, not hate

There’s no time, it’s getting late

I’ve so little time and I’m only passing thru.”*


Are you in sync with God’s Wheel? Are you “Passing Through?”


*Passing Thru by  R. Blakeslee

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