God’s Nature

Let Me Rise

“I Shall Stay Awake, to See What God will Say to Me.” (Hab. 2)

For 2020, we will travel a new road, discovering the

Redemptive Nature of God’s Love.”

Son Day for Sunday Vision:

This morning, I received a quick vision of Jesus showing me one of his wounds; reminding me we have to go deep for personal healing.

“Why all these misfortunes about; is God angry?”

Take a moment and ponder the following:

What Does God Do?

As Brother Roger wrote:

 “God never causes fear, anguish or distress. He shares in the suffering of those going through incomprehensible trials. He enables us to alleviate the suffering of others.” Why?

 “God is Innocence”

The God within us is the Holy Shekinah Spirit, the “Inner Ticker” that I wrote about in my book, “Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life” leading us in the way, His Holy Way; allowing us to rise beyond all circumstances.

Closing Prayer:

Dear God,

In my brokenness, let me rise.

In my brokenness, let me heal.

When you speak the Word and exhale the Holy Breath upon me, I AM Healed!


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Keep coming back for new insights, as we travel together discovering the “Redemptive Nature of God’s Love!”

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