God’s Armor of Protection, Part 4

Shield of Faith

 “I Ask, You Receive!”

This week we are focusing on the “Shield of Faith.” (Eph. 6)

In John 5:6, Jesus asks a very important question:

“Do you want to be made well, made whole?”

When facing adversity or illness, how would one reply to a question such as this?

Let’s ponder Today’s Message:

Historically, shields are used in battle. Sometimes life is a journey or a battle and we need protection.

When battle or darkness appears, your Shield of Faith is what will sustain you, until you step into a new Season of Being.

Let’s return to Jesus’ question, “Do you want to be made whole?” We need to exercise faith in order to follow through.

What do we know about Faith? Faith is like the “grain of a mustard seed.” It needs time to take root and grow.

In this context, the Shield of Faith offers one a protective covering that needs constant attention and up-keep, daily.

“Hearing the Truth and Believing in God’s Good is ¾ of one’s Spiritual Journey; the Remainder Rests in Faith.”

Happy Son Day for Sunday!

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