Gathering God’s Blessings One Day at a Time

How does one gather in the blessings of God? Is it possible for one to do this? Is this a task that is out of your reach?

Well, anguish no more. God says, “I hear you, loud and clear.”

Why is it so impossible for one to receive God’s great blessings for His children?

Did he not make us in his image and likeness? Did he not promise that he would be with us always?

He did promise to be with us always, until the ends of the earth.

So, let us go back to the previous question, “How does one receive God’s great blessings one day at a time?”

Is there more than one blessing to receive on a daily basis?

Are you limited? God isn’t limited, why should you be?

Take a moment each day, get centered and quiet. Allow the Spirit of God to fill your being. Then, ask God to come into your heart.

Don’t get discouraged if you do not feel something right away. Sometimes it is one’s doubts and fears that block another from the light of God’s Love and Spirit.

If you practice daily getting centered and quiet, you will soon feel the presence of God in your heart and Spirit.

As you experience this being at one with God, open your hands and ask for God to shower his blessings upon and he will.

Although this may be considered a subtle or quiet experience, the results are everlasting, just like God. “His name shall be everlasting, counselor and prince of peace.”

What will you do with the blessings? Will you share the blessings you have freely received from God with another, or will you hoard it for yourself?

In order for one to truly be blessed is to share her/his blessings with another.

This is not a difficult task or duty. The only reason one struggles with this being described, as a difficult task is one who is lazy or selfish, but that is not you, is it?

In the process of sharing with another, you will find that everyday for the rest of your life you will continue to receive all the blessings of the universe in your midst.

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