Finding Truth

During a recent vision, I found myself standing at a 4 way crossing.

From my vantage point, I could see what was behind me represented the past, “It is finished.”

On my right is what I just passed through to get to this point; life’s lessons.

To the left of me are all the people and circumstances I cannot change; places I don’t need to be. My choice is to leave everything on the high altar in heaven for God to handle. In front of me is my destiny.

As I begin my trek, I look down and notice I am wearing work boots. I can see my footprints in the sand and then a gentle wind blows it all away; “what was is no more.”

In the distance someone is waving to me, it’s Jesus. I keep walking.

The sandy road has disappeared and now the terrain has shifted.

I am walking through very high, soft grass. There is a clearing just before the edge of a tall mountain with a bench. Jesus motions for me to sit down beside him.

In the silence, I take in the beauty around me. The air is crisp and clear with the backdrop of a pale blue sky.

When I look up, I see a bright light racing towards me in the shape of a star. I am immersed in the Light.

Prophetic Passage:

“A great shift has come upon the planet now. Soon, many will see the truth that is coming forth. It will be those who are aware, will accept it and move on. There will be those who do not accept the truth and they will continue to wander looking for answers.”

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