Every Step with God


Some days, we put one foot in front of the other to find our way.”

Does it seem that you are unable to overcome a difficulty or that you keep meeting the same insanity over and over again, only in a different form? It’s like a big wave that comes rolling in and one is knocked off her/his spiritual center, and there is a struggle. The key is to cease fighting everyone and everything. It is a waste of one’s precious time and energy.

Perhaps, you are trying to do something that is not yours to do. Have you thrown the baby out with the bath water by accepting someone else’s brand of truth, knowing it does not stir your Spirit?

It takes a great deal of courage to not compromise your principles or integrity, even if you feel as though everyone is against you.

In all matters of living, seek God’s guidance.

Leave everything squarely in God’s hands, the one whose power and love surpasses anything in this world. We can meet life with faith and courage because God is in the midst of us.

Be blessed with the insight as to what lies before you, and that you will be given the tools and means to accomplish the most ardent of tasks.

Keep believing that God has your best interest at heart, even if nothing happens. Most important, don’t write the final act of the play.

Get ready to step in and out with Christ to find your way.

Stepping in and out with Christ requires one to get out of the way, so God can move us from darkness to light, despair to hope and unbelief to belief.” (Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, Inspirational Messages of God’s Love & Healing, Page 51)

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