Come Unto Me – Part 3

If you want to know how committed you are to Christ; ponder His Call…

“Come Unto Me!”

Life’s distractions will attempt to pull you away, again and again.

When you hear the words, “Come Unto Me” it will be time for you to make a decision. Jesus does not call us to sadness, but calls us to place our hope in Him.

Can you see Jesus beckoning you from afar?

Come and take His hand, and begin again!

Be vigilant in your walk. Don’t turn back to the old or what was.  When Jesus said, “It is finished”, he meant it; never to be remembered or recovered again.

“The Holy Spirit will show you what you have to do, and it will involve anything that will uproot whatever is preventing you from getting through to Jesus. He will search out the one immovable stronghold, that thing you can’t let go of within you; but He cannot nudge it unless you are willing to let Him do so!”

Thanks for Your Kind Words, Be Blessed!

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