Blazing the Trail

My Ordination Journey

Beyond the Pulpit

Facing challenges in your life or ministry?

Blazing the Trail is about not fighting the opinion of another but to step aside and be. Wait upon God for further direction and “When the truth-giving Spirit comes, he will unveil the reality of every truth within you!” (Jn. 16)

“Whatever point we may be at, the Risen Christ searches tirelessly for us. Do you hear him when he says, ‘Come Follow Me?’” (Br. Roger) Let His Truth set you free.

Stand Tall…

Many are Called…

We are Children of a Loving God. He is the shepherd going before us; leading us forward and carrying us in His arms!

The Spirit Speaks…

Few are Chosen or have the courage to answer His call.

You are favored by God: “Take a careful look at my servant, my chosen one. I love him dearly and I find all my delight in him. I will breathe my Spirit upon him and he will decree justice to the nations.” (Mt. 12:18)

Breathe in and breathe out…

Into the Garden

My friend Passion Vine is back. When you look into the center of the flower, you will see the Cross of Christ. His journey is our journey.

“I Am with you always!”*

Connect with the Inner Ticker of Life

Tune into this week’s special podcast, “Blazing the Trail”, as I share a bit of my ordination journey with you…

Keep in Touch: I Want to Hear From You!

*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life

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