Beyond the Tomb & Into Hope

Hello Kindred Soul’s,

While preparing for this week’s blog and podcast, I had a vision of Jesus coming out of the tomb; the door bursting forth via the Power of the Spirit. Nothing can defeat the Power of the Shekinah Spirit.

Immersed in light and moving at the speed of a locomotive, Jesus broke the chains of death so we can live an abundant life.

*In a whisper, in a song, I greet you when all seems wrong. We pray the dawn is yet to come and the darkness will be undone.”*

Jesus’ Invitation:

Jesus invites us to remove our grave-cloths; the ties that bind us to hopelessness and despair.

After leaving the tomb, Jesus visited his friends to give them a recap of events: “Everything that has happened fulfills what was prophesied of me. Christ, the Messiah, was destined to suffer and rise from the dead on the third day.” (Lk. 24:46)

Beyond the Pulpit

& Into the Garden…

Meet Me at Dawn

As the Son of God rises up; sun is on the horizon.

“For you bring me a continual revelation of the resurrected life; a path to bliss that brings me face to face with you!” (Ps. 16)

Connect with the Inner Ticker of Life


“The earth may pass away, but I will not. I am with you through it all; until the end of all time and into eternity & beyond. I AM!”**

Pockets of Hope

Are you ready to move Beyond the Tomb?

“So don’t be amazed when I tell you these things, for there is a day coming when all who have ever died will hear my voice calling them back to life, and they will come out of their graves! Those who have done what is good will experience a resurrection to eternal life. And those who have practiced evil will taste the resurrection that brings them to condemnation!” (Jn. 5:28)

Keep in Touch: I Want to Hear From You!

*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life

“Who Is It That You Look For? Is it I, He?”, Patricia A. Zorn, 2005

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