Abide in the Silence


“From the depth of understanding; we pause, pray and be.”

In being, we also receive. The key is to keep on hoping, even when we fade a bit.

God’s Action:

We are pieces on a chessboard to be moved at a very specific time and place. Everything that happens in God’s world does so at a precise moment; flowing in rhythm with the universe and His divine plan. We cannot move any faster or sooner than what’s required.

The other day while at the beach, I was enjoying the silence of my surroundings.  I stepped into the water. I  found I was not alone. A small family of fish swam around me, keeping their own tempo. I made sure to remain as still as possible. When I did not move, the group came closer.

Our Part:

It is the same with God. We take one step towards God and He comes closer.

 In times of challenge we must first enter into the silence; ask and listen while remaining still.

“I abide and breathe in God’s presence, in hope of a new beginning.”

Thanks for Your Kind Words, Be Blessed!

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