A Reflection of His Presence

“I Stand in the Presence of God.

I am Gabriel. I was sent by God to Speak to You & Bring You His Good News!” (Lk. 1:19)

Are you longing for “peace that passes all understanding” and hope in tomorrow; allowing more of God into your life?

We are taking a step “Into the Light” as pilgrims on the path for the year of 2021.

As you cross the threshold from one year into another, ponder this question:

Do you desire to rest In His Presence and have more of God in your life?

Be Courageous…

When we move ‘Into the Light’, we move Into His Presence!

“Were it Possible to Fathom a Human Heart, the Surprising Thing would be to Discover there the Silent Longing for a Presence.” (Br. Roger)

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