Promise of Tomorrow

Sunrise 1982 PAZ

“I shall meet you in the twilight of the day, a new dawn.” *

“Each soul stirs to the morning call. Can you hear the birds chattering? The Light is increasing. Do you feel the warmth of the sun on your face?”

“In a whisper, in a song; I greet you when all seems wrong.”*

Accept these blessings from a loving God that does not oppose you; the one who stands in agreement with you, through your Spirit, “We pray the dawn is yet to come and the darkness will be undone.”*

“I promise; I will never take my eyes off of you!”

“A new day awaits the soul that needs awakening; the ‘Promise of Tomorrow’ is today; breathe it in; embrace it, live it and be healed.”

*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life ,76-77

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