You Will Be Blessed!

“You are a blessed Child of God, created in the Image of Love, equal in stature with a divine right to be here.”

(Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 88)




In June of 2007, I received this message from a wonderful intercessor and friend. During meditation this morning, I felt compelled to pass this timeless message on to all of you:


“I just wanted to write to you for the reason that you are on God’s mind and heart, and he has great things in store for you. God can do anything when we are open to him. May you blessed with his abundant peace.” (ATITOL, pg. 29)


We are well cared for as God provides all our needs. Men ate the bread of angels. He sent them provisions in abundance. Remember, God is the giver and the gift.

I pray you, my faithful followers of “Rev. Patty’s Inspiration Station” will experience God’s Blessings as we continue on this awesome, spiritual path.


“As you bless others; you, too, will be blessed. Expect a supernatural miracle.”

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