Winds of Change

There is a huge shift that is coming in the consciousness of humanity.

Man will reach out for God.

As we come closer from the heaven world, man will come closer to this world.

People will be searching for God, but not in a traditional way.

Long gone will be the churches of yesterday.

Hierarchical institutions will not survive.

When this older generation shifts out of this world, this will be seen as a mass exodus.

This will create a huge dent in large congregations. Money will no longer flow.

Soon money will be a thing of the past.

A new system will come into place. This will be necessary for the financial survival of the planet.

Don’t be afraid. This change was spoken of in scripture.

The dissolving of churches is not bad either.

People will gather in small groups in homes and other places.

Organizations will have to learn how to get along and network.

Long gone will be the prejudice of yesterday between men and women.

Those who cannot accept equality will not be part of the balance, and will fade away.

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