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“When it comes to Web Development or troubleshooting, my motto is:

“Keep It Simple!”


Do you need help building or maintaining a website?

I began building websites in 2003.

Web Development is an extension of my ministry and a passion of mine.

I work with individuals and small non-profit organizations that need assistance creating or maintaining a blog or website; offering basic web assistance with focus on safety and security; providing affordable web services.  My preferred platform is WordPress.

Why Use WordPress?

“WordPress.org is the world’s most popular website building platform. Over 28% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.”

WordPress is open source and free, giving you control over your website. It is very well maintained with a large support community.

If you have any other questions or feel you are ready to move forward, fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form below! 


What Other’s Have to Say


Rev. Patty’s Web Services…


“If you want an accessible, attractive, easy to navigate blog or web site that is user-friendly, communicates your message clearly and effectively, I highly recommend, Rev. Patty Zorn for web services. Patty skillfully transformed the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests website and my blog, Bridget Mary’s Blog into an informative, inspirational, contemporary site. Rev. Zorn is a gifted, creative communicator and a skilled web technician.” Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan

“Rev. Patty Zorn, ARCWP, is currently the webmaster for the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests. Under her careful and skillful guidance, she updated and transformed the website to what it is today. In 2016, Patty started “ARCWP Web School” and members of ARCWP were introduced to new web tools and tips used to navigate the Internet. On behalf of the ARCWP membership, I thank Patty for her generosity of time and talent.” Mary Theresa Streck, Ed.D., ARCWP

“What can you do when your web page has been hacked and your non-profit can’t afford the high hourly rates for web assistance? Contact Rev. Patty Zorn! She does a complete analysis of your web page, prioritizes and walks you through the process of each item. All this at a very reasonable rate! Patty’s skills and expertise are a blessing!” Pat MacMillan, Mother Mary of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community Sarasota, FL

” I was very satisfied with my time with Patty Zorn. A good teacher takes the pupils where they are, and leads them to the next level. My lesson was plain, simple and hands on…just what I needed” Mary B. Blanchard, ARCWP

“Rev. Patty created our site, People’s Catholic Seminary from the ground up and it is still a work in progress. We love what you’ve done with our site. Many Thanks!” Mary Theresa Streck & Bridget Mary Meehan, People’s Catholic Seminary.

Remember, when it comes to Web Development or Web Maintenance, “Keep It Simple.”

If you have any other questions or feel you are ready to move forward, contact me!

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