Waves of God’s Heart

“Heart speaks to heart, as you wait before me.”*

If you are near a beach or other body of water this season, take a moment to watch the waves roll in. Find a rhythm, connecting with the “Waves of God’s Heart.”

A Spark of Hope…

If you listen closely to the moving waters, you will hear a faint whisper; a longing of something buried deep within, desiring to be heard and synchronized with.

A Re-Kindling of One’s Soul…

A Son Day for Sunday Message:

 “You are in pursuit of my truth and you will find it, if you dig deep enough. Quiet the senses and outside distractions.”

“If we believe in Jesus; it is not what we gain but what he pours through us that really counts.”**

Let me know if you’ve experienced the “Waves of God’s Heart” and Be Blessed!

“Out of God’s Heart flows a River of Living Waters.”

*God at Eventide

**Utmost for His Highest

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