Wait and See What God Will Do

Earlier in the spring, I was in the garden looking at all the damage the cold weather had brought.

I had two plants that I was concerned about: a wonderful Lemon Tree that was full of blooms and ready to give me many lemons, and a Sea Grape plant. Both plants were affected by the cold snaps of the past winter.

As I was beginning the clean-up process of spring, I wandered over to the Lemon Tree. I was going to dig it up and throw it away. I heard the Lord say, “Wait!” “Wait and see what I will do.” I listened and waited to see what God would do.

God did something; my Lemon Tree that was withering away suddenly came back to life.

I went outside everyday gave the tree a little water, and before my eyes the Lemon Tree began to regenerate with new life.

I had the same experience with the Sea Grape plant.

There was no life in the small stalk that was left sticking out of the dirt. In fact, the plant looked pitiful.

I was going to dig up the Sea Grape and once again, I heard the Lord say, “Wait and see what I will do”.

I watered the small stalk everyday and waited.

After a month or so of watering and waiting, I began to notice a small leaf poking up through the dirt.

I was thrilled with the small miracle that happened in my garden.

I thought to myself, “If God can attend to the small matters of nature, he certainly can operate in all areas of life.”

We are in a season of “Wait and see what God will do.”

This is the time of new beginnings. Everything regenerates and rebuilds, “for everything there is a season.”

For those of you who are in a season of “Wait and See What God Will do, May these words give you hope and comfort:

“Hope is the spark that glistens on the top of the Gulf of Mexico, as the sun sets on the western horizon.

Hope knows that today is passing and tomorrow is not here yet.

Hope knows that God is holding you in his arms from sunrise to sunset, and from sunset to dawn.”

“I am with you always. This is your truth until the ends of the earth.”

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