The Fourth Watch

Are you having visions of heaven?

After viewing the video, the Fourth Watch, I would like to have feedback from those of you who have had or are having similar experiences.
Are we living in the end times, or is this a time of new beginnings or both?
I look forward to your feed back!

2 thoughts on “The Fourth Watch”

  1. Patty,
    I just viewed your video. Thank you. I have been questioning how G-d works in our world. A friend of mine’s was hit by a car and his survival was, and continues to be, miraculous. The family has a large network and many prayers went up. His room was filled with balloons, cards and toys. I was honored to see humanity at its finest. However, there was a boy in the room next to him completely alone. When Ricky left the hospital, the boy was still there. People said, “prayer works.” and I believe it does. However, what does that mean for the other boy? My good friend, Judith, has helped me to see that the majesty of G-d is unknowable to us because our human hearts cannot comprehend this fact. What do you think?

  2. Thank you for your comments.
    You are not alone in questioning how God works in our world.
    With all the chaos and confusion, God is still among us, and heaven is still listening.
    The truth of God in action comes in the silent connection, when we are busy doing other things.
    Just the mere fact that you noticed the other boy and realized that he, too, needed prayer was a blessing for him. Keep praying for the other boy.
    Remember, it is not in what we see, but in what we do not see, the silent inner workings of the world of Spirit, and there is where you will find God.
    Be blessed in your journey!

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