The Breaking of the Bread – Always!


“Bring all, to where they may see Jesus’ body healed and raised; so in their own brokenness, they too may rise.”

For some the paschal mystery is known as the Eucharist and others it is the “Breaking of the Bread”; one in the same.

When the table is set, we leave a space for an honored guest; one who did so much for us and still does.

“On the Night before he was betrayed, Jesus took the sacred bread into his hands, broke it and said: Take this all of you and eat it, this is My Body; given up for your Healing.”

“At the end of the meal, Jesus took the cup, he drank from it and said: Take this all of you and drink from it, this is the New Testament in My Blood; as often as your drink it, ALWAYS do this in memory of me.”

As one, who “Breaks Bread” daily – Always:

“In His Presence is Power and there is Power is His Presence. Happy are we to be called to this Holy Supper!”

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